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People are increasingly looking for a work experience that focuses on purpose, growth and well-being. But how do you create that? And how do you make sure that these experiences are consistent and value adding? At KennedyFitch we offer various Employee Experience learning programs to advance your skills and help you create impactful employee experiences.



5-week Certification Program

Get certified and become an EX Practitioner

Our EX Practitioner Certification Course will transform the way you think, design and develop products, services and processes in HR. Together with a small group of peers, you will learn about Employee Experience tools and methods and put them into practice with your own EX case. You will walk away with a strong EX mindset and the practical skills to apply Employee Experience in your own work!

Online Self-Paced Employee Experience Course

Future-proof your career with the EX Essentials

This online course will help you get started with EX at your own pace. You will read about what EX is and why it is an important skillset to have, both for individuals and organizations.We will guide you through the key principles of EX and the EX Playbook framework. You will learn about what it means to design bottom-up, human-centered solutions that have an impact. Learn at your own pace and get practical knowledge to apply in your daily work.

In-company Training

Interested in certifying your HR team in EX? 
We’ll upskill and coach your team through employee experience projects tailored on your organizational needs. With our guidance, your team will learn how to research, define, design, test, validate and implement new people practices.

We firmly believe that any HR initiative should be based on human-centered experiences, rather than be processes-centered, which is why we apply design thinking and Employee Experience concepts to all our consulting.

Together with you and your colleagues, we co-create solutions that are unique to your organization, employee-driven and sustainable. 


Here are a few examples of the programs:

Employee Experience
Defining your EX approach and training your team on EX methodology

HR Process & Program Management
Redesigning your HR processes and/or programs using EX

Future of HR
Designing what your Future of HR

will look like

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